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You’re in Good Hands

Value Engineering means that P2 Contracting will provide a platform for an organized approach in finding unnecessary costs in your residential/commercial design and construction. It includes coming up with alternative design or construction technology to save you money without sacrificing any quality. Combined with aggressive material selection and purchasing to lower the overall cost of your project.

The goal is that the end result that you are looking for is a quality construction project, built at a realistic price, on time and within budget without sacrificing look, quality, or standard. Working with you and applying P2 Contracting’s Value Engineering Approach & Analysis to your residential/commercial construction project will achieve you’re your goal for a quality project on budget and on time.

  To do this we: 

  • Gather the pertinent information on design and architectural standard
  • Search for alternate creative ideas
  • Evaluate the promising alternatives
  • Propose better, cost effective alternatives and materials
  • Offer purchase of cost effective labor and material options

Value Engineering is best applied at the beginning of the construction phase of the project. P2 Contracting has always used “Value Engineering and Value Analysis” as a basis for material selection and design efficiency. By fully understanding your needs and goals, we can make recommendations that will meet or exceed your expectations.